Canadian-made baby wraps

Canadian-made baby wraps

Mama to Baby’s baby wrap carriers are made with high quality cotton fabrics for your baby right here in Canada, in the city of Halifax! What better way to support local and Canadian than to purchase a baby wrap made in Canada? Your baby deserves it.

Mama to Baby’s baby wraps are handmade and you can purchase one already done up or choose your own baby wrap colour and panel, which is the fabric that is attached to the front. The panels add style and extra support to the body of the baby wrap.Take a look at Mama to Baby’s baby wraps here.

There is a variety of baby wrap fabric available: regular jersey knit, regular ribbed jersey knit, 100% crinkle cotton, cotton/rayon, and 100% woven cotton. Some people may prefer the soft feel and slight stretchiness to the jersey knit, whereas others may prefer a sturdier, non-stretchy feel of a natural-fibred wrap. Most jersey knit baby wraps would carry a baby to about a year, but many find that they can carry their baby much longer in that fabric. It just depends on the size of your baby. The natural fibred baby wraps carry much longer than a year because of the no stretchiness to the fabric. I can still carry my 30 lb. toddler in a woven cotton baby wrap if I wanted to! All baby wrap main fabrics are hand-picked from fabric stores in Canada, so you can be assured that all baby wrap fabrics are picked with the utmost care and for the best quality for your baby!

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